Tbilisi State Medical University

6 Year MD Program

Duration of Program
6 Years (12 Semesters)

The course duration is 6 years and it is divided in three stages: Basic, Clinical and General Training. The Course provides students with an opportunity to obtain international standard education in Georgia. The curriculum is based on European & American models and it fulfills current international demands in the field of medical education. In the frames of Bologna Process, academic process at Tbilisi Medical Academy is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which is the foundation for international recognition.

The goal of the program is to develop deep clinical thinking in students, to give them medical education in accordance to the international standards, based on evidences necessary for their medical practical activities; to give a deep knowledge on public healthcare system and to realize the role of doctor in this system; the elaboration of clinical and communicative skills; elaboration of the usage of modern methodology in medical practice and research; development of skills for participation in the presentation and discussion of obtained results; the elaboration of ethical values and relations significant for the profession of Medical Doctor.

The educational process is ran by highly skilled and experienced academic staff with international backgrounds. Tuition is conducted in small groups, using most up to date literature, recommended by the higher education institutions of USA and Europe. The system of examinations and student evaluation is running in accordance with international standards and demands of Bologna process, which prepares students for the international qualification examinations (USMLE, PLAB, MCI etc.) from the first stages of education and encourages internationalization.
Curricula at Tbilisi Medical Academy is focused on development and strengthening of clinical skills from the first year of tuition. Students have opportunities to obtain basic skills of laboratory and clinical work and exercise them in the corresponding centers of the Academy. Tbilisi Medical Academy provides it’s students with a fascinating opportunity to obtain medical practice skills in the TMA university clinic. At the newly equipped clinic students will have not only clinical rotations, but also possibility to engage in clinical practice from early stages of education.
Tbilisi Medical Academy has student oriented attitude, with both administrative and academic staff open for dialogue. Tbilisi Medical Academy is the place, where student’s opinion matters. It’s an institution that develops dynamically with it’s students for creating better environment, suitable for challenging profession of Medical Doctor.
Tbilisi Medical Academy has international students from USA, UK, Germany, Israel, India, Iraq, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan, Cameroon, Egypt and UAE.
At Tbilisi Medical Academy students have opportunities to participate in various exchange programs, become parts of exciting short term internships in European clinics and gain scientific experience while participating in the scientific conferences both on national and international level.

Tbilisi Medical Academy Campus