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We DOCTORS EDUCATION CONSULTANCY, is designed to create students, researchers and academic personnel for attractive environmental studies, research and work. 

In response to the constant variation of the medical field and the modern challenges, striving to acquire critical thinking and academic pursuits as a national as well as international educational map, our consultancy recognizes its responsibility to the public and strives to cope with the challenges and justify the expectation .

We offer the best education at Tbilisi State Medical University . Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia is one of the oldest universities and it is the only state university for the entire country of Georgia near Russia. People think that it is a Soviet Union country, but the degree given by this university is accredited in the whole continent of Europe because the university follows “European Union Crediting System”. Tbilisi State Medical University is a higher education institution operating in self-government principle - Teaching University, which is staffed with high qualified academic personnel and operates its activities on the basis of the applicable legislation and the Georgian legislation. 

Tbilisi Medical Academy has a mission; “Prepare competent persons in the labor market with the competence of the modern requirements in medicine .Participation in improving the level of health care in Georgia through providing high quality medical education.”

The main goal of the Academy is to develop youthful, independent and critical thinking, the ability to learn and use modern advances in science, which will facilitate the formation of students as highly qualified specialists.

Benifits of Tbilisi State Medical University

  • Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the most valued university of Georgia.
  • TSMU focuses on the level of knowledge and on its research-oriented studies.
  • The Effectiveness and transparency of all the procedures are maintained by the managing bodies while Democracy and Academic freedom are provided to all the students of TSMU.
  • MOKSH offers a seamless program of MBBS in Georgia at TSMU + Medical PG in Germany.
  • It is the largest Government Medical University for the entire Georgian country.
  • Established in the year 1918 it is a 94 Years old at Tbilisi city, the capital of Georgia.
  • TSMU Georgia has been Co-operating with most of the major hospitals in Tbilisi.
  • It has produced more than 45, 000 Doctors during its 94 years of existence.
  • Recognized by the following Ministries.
    • European Union Ministry of Education.
    • Georgian Ministry of Education and science.
    • Georgian Ministry of Health and labor affairs.
  • Listed by the following International Organizations.
    • World Health Organization (WHO).
    • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).
    • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

While the people in Georgia have their own local language but the university follows English medium for overseas students. So, study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students are advantageous and comfortable.

Former student of Tbilisi State Medical University
Sai Pallavi Indian film actress

The pretty actress Sai Pallavi, who captured the hearts of millions of fans in Kerala with the Malayalam blockbuster movie “PREMAM” will now be called Dr. Sai Pallavi and has completed her medical studies in 2016 from the Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia.